High-quality charcuterie produced according to the Italian tradition.

Citterio salami are made according to tradition in a wide range of delicious types of sausage, like the Milan Salami, Citterio's original recipe, the Felino salami, with coarse grinding and hand-tied, the Campagnolo salami and other typical sausages ideal for demanding grocers. 

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14011 Salame di Milano "Bindone"
18031 Salame di Milano "Castello"
11811 Salame del contadino
14811 Granfetta
10811 Schiacciatino
12111 Toscano
10031 Salame di Milano "Gigante"
10921 Corallina corta/Corallina lunga
11711 Salame di Milano "Crespone"
14211 Salame Napoli
17811 Ventricina dolce
13111 Salame Ungherese
12931 Campagnolo - metà
14551 Salame Gentile

The taste of Italian charcuterie
from their local origins to your table

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