The original Wuoi?

What makes Citterio's frankfurters so unique and irresistible is their great quality: they are smoked with beech, they are made with carefully selected ingredients, skilfully mixed to produce a delicious and natural product. Many typical products for a quick and delicious second course.

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34011 Wuoi? 4 pezzi Pollo & Tacchino
37011 Wuoi? Cocktail Baby
37811 Wuoi? Light 3 pezzi
38411 Wuoi? Maxi 2 pezzi
38422 Wuoi? Maxi 3 pezzi
39912 Wuoi? Maxi 3 pezzi Pollo & Tacchino
36911 Wuoi? 4 pezzi
38431 Wuoi? Maxi 4 pezzi
36611 Wuoi? Bio 3 pezzi
35811 Wuoi? Prosciutto cotto 3 pezzi
prodotto.jpg Wuoi? Rondelle
37611 Wuoi? Werdure con spinaci 3 pezzi

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