UnDueTris Pranzetto

A perfect blend of taste and lightness

From today, lunch becomes even more simple and tasty: the UnDueTris Pranzetto range is here, Citterio's new line dedicated to those who want to have a light and complete lunch, without sacrificing taste.

Ideal for lunch in the office, away from home or while travelling, UnDueTris Pranzetto is a perfect combination of simple ingredients, low in fat, in convenient, practical packaging

Soft slices of Cooked Ham or Bresaola, carrot or Jerusalem artichoke chips, crunchy breadsticks and apple sauce: a balanced mix of protein, fibre, carbohydrates and good fruit, for a perfect blend of taste and lightness!

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67411 UnDueTris Pranzetto Bresaola
67211 UnDueTris Pranzetto Prosciutto Cotto