cured ham

Dry Cured Ham

Taste and quality from ancient tradition.

Citterio's cured ham has always been the symbol of high quality and tradition.  Parma ham has its own peculiar sweet taste, while San Daniele ham, with its characteristic shape and well-known "leg", expresses its unmistakable flavour. In addition, there is also the "Carnia", a slightly smoked ham without preservatives and the "Poggio" Casa Citterio's sweet ham.  Many types of tasty ham for every one. 

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27181 Prosciutto di San Daniele D.O.P. "disossato"
27411 Prosciutto di San Daniele D.O.P. "con osso"
24711 Prosciutto Crudo "il Poggio"
27811 Prosciutto Crudo Carnia "con osso"
28211 Prosciutto Crudo Carnia "disossato"
25611 Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P. "disossato"
26111 Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P. "con osso"
24411 Fiocco di Prosciutto Crudo
23711 Prosciutto di Parma D.O.P.
23811 Prosciutto Crudo

The taste of Italian charcuterie
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