Cute sandwiches
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Cute sandwiches

  • 15 min
  • 4 people
  • Easy
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  • cooked ham
  • frankfurters
  • black and green olives
  • cherry or grape tomatoes
  • curly green lettuce
  • cheese slices
  • soft bread buns (made with milk)


Soft, fun sandwiches in the shape of a teddy bear: this recipe is the perfect way to embellish any buffet at a party for kids!


Cut the buns in half and fill them with cooked ham, lettuce, a bit of mayonnaise, sliced cherry tomatoes or green olives, and cheese slices. With the olives, tomatoes and another cheese, create the face of a bear. Frankfurter slices are perfect as the ears.


Who’s hungry?

Buon appetito ;-)

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70611 Prosciutto Cotto
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